Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Heeled Shoes - Need Help

My shoes finally gave in. So I really really need a pair of shoes to wear during workdays (Monday to Thursday) or whenever we are required to come in to work in business attire. But I need something that I can also wear on Thursdays and Sundays to church.

I'm not really the type who enjoys walking in the mall and checking every single boutique just to look for shoes (Sometimes I wonder if I'm really a girl *just kidding*). In fact, I'd rather shop for bags, pants and tees than shop for shoes. Also don't have any idea of the new designs nowadays.

I'm hoping to get some suggestions from those who are shoe-addicts (if there's even such a word) *lol*

Feel free to post links to pictures too.


  1. Perhaps you can seek advices from shadowkissed. Remember her 3-inch heeled shoes? hehe

    - nvtellan

  2. Hi sis. Aww, I'm a self-proclaimed shoewhore. LOL. Anyhoo, I think what you will need is a good pair of pumps. Kitten heels will do if you're really not comfortable in wearing high-heeled shoes. Black or nude will be my suggestion. :)