Monday, November 22, 2010

Losing weight the natural way

One of the things that women worry about is weight gain. We have heard some women complain about how they can't seem to get rid of the extra bulges no matter what weight loss program they try or what slimming pills they take. The sad part is that most of these slimming pills have side-effects. Some of them dries your skin, makes you lose your appetite which in turn could lead to headache if you don't eat but worse are the side effects that might put your life in danger.

Some also prefer doing exercise which is a good way to lose weight without the scare of losing your life. But not everyone has the time to do that. In this fast pacing world, women must find some alternative to exercise in losing weight without losing quality time with their family.

If you are one of those girls who have been sweating it out but end up with the same weight after months of exercise or those who don't want to cut their time with their kids, then maybe you want to try adding supplements to your regimen or diet. There are supplements that can help lose weight naturally like resveratrol.

Resveratrol is a substance produced by several plants when attacked by bacteria or fungi. For years, experts have been studying its effect on human body. It has anti-oxidant which will benefit our skin and reverse aging, reduces cholesterol and lower blood sugar. But most importantly it has the ability to even reduce the risk of cancer. Resveratrol supplement is made with Japanese knotweed and has already helped a lot of women in dealing with their weight problems. It can also help increase stamina so you can take it as it is or combine it with exercise using your p90x resistance bands. Either way, you will still benefit from it.

The choice is yours. You can opt to take those slimming pills that might cause cancer or buy resveratrol which can reduce the risk of cancer. It is not that difficult to decide, is it?


  1. Great article. Keep up the good work.

  2. Yeah Ive heard about p90x and resveratrol but for me dieting is a good thing, without any supplement or a video that says you will lose weight in doing those hardships. I started eating less in the morning, drink a lot of water(which is very hard for me because I hardly like the taste of water so I buy flavored ones). Eat much in the afternoon and eat fruit in the evening. Banana and apple is a good combination for me. I lost 10 pounds by two weeks in a row just following this one.